The Questants

Chef Robert and Paul

Chef Robert Lewis, The Happy Diabetic, and award-winning film producer Paul Kakert are throwing down their foodie gauntlets in search of America’s most interesting people, places & food. Join these hungry questants on their adventure of a lifetime to unveil the nation’s yummiest hidden culinary secrets and discover fantastic American food, healthy recipes, and unusual places along the way.

What to Watch:

Make sure you check out all 3 types of videos on our site.

  1. Quests are longer episodes and are fun trips to discover interesting people, places and foods.
  2. In The Kitchen are short 2 to 3 minute instructional videos featuring Chef Robert and his delicious healthy dishes.
  3. Quick Quests are shorter versions of our full Quests featuring quick trips to places that we just can't resist.

Get the Recipes

photo Chef tasted a lot of wonderful things at the Iowa State Fair, but all of us hungry questants at AFQ will take his delicious fresh fruit bruschetta over fried Twinkies any day. Share the love with Chef Robert’s easy-to-make recipe here.


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photo Do you have what it takes to be an American Food Questant? Send us your ideas about the most interesting people, places, and foods across America.