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We want to hear all about your yummiest hidden culinary secrets from homemade stinky cheese to specialty libations and everything in between.

Does your grandma make the best pie you’ve ever had? Tell us all about her and why her pie recipe is so special.

Do you like a special topping on your pizza that’s only available in your area? Share your faves with us. We promise we won’t laugh (we like saur kraut here in Iowa).

Have you ever visited a restaurant in the middle-of-nowhere that attracts people from near and far? We’d love to hear all about it.

Does your town offer homegrown produce or livestock options that put the mass-produced stuff to shame? Tell us where you are!

So put down your fork, wipe that BBQ sauce off your chin, and share your favorite foodie stories and pix at our Round Table.

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Real Food Quests from Real Questants:

#1. I live in the Iowa City area and was surprised to find some of the best bbq I’ve ever tasted about twenty miles away from here at P.H.A.T. Daddy’s in small town Marengo, IA. P.H.A.T. (Pretty, Hot and Tasty) Daddy’s makes some darned good smoked chicken, brisket and grilled smoked pork and is also popular around these parts for its Sunday Brunch with made to order omelets, waffles, eggs Benedict, and more. I’d love to see the restaurant featured in one of your quests!

#2 I visited Florence, Italy about fifteen years ago and wound up entirely by chance at a little hole in the wall restaurant where I had the best meal of my entire life. Unfortunately, I never knew the name of the restaurant! Since I didn’t speak the language I encouraged the waiter to just bring me whatever he liked best. The juicy steak was marinated in the yummiest herbs and oils I’d ever tasted, but the highlight of my meal was definitely the bottle of Chianti. Since then, I’ve tried Chianti after Chianti to try and replicate that awesome experience, but to no avail. Chef, do you know of any good Chianti’s and what’s the difference between Chianti and just plain old table wine?

#3 Have any of you foodies out there ever actually dined at The Cave Restaurant in Richland, MI? I’ve been dying to hear all about it! If you don’t know about it, it’s apparently a spelunker’s delight, located 100 feet above the Gasconade River. Menu options include steak, chicken and fish.